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Saturday, March 01, 2008

On Any Given Day

Am I the only one fascinated with the fact that, on any given day, I will come upon a vehicle with a mattress strapped to it? Well, I know it's not only me because it was Tim who started my own preoccupation with finding cars with mattresses. Well, maybe it's not so much finding cars but once I actually see one, my excitement upon seeing it.

For a good while, I've been wanting to post my own shots of these sightings but dumb-ass me forgets that my phone has a camera in it, so I have passed prime opportunities to have shots of mattresses upon mini-van moms picking up their kids at CJ's school, and elsewhere.

Today, I remembered I could take pictures from my phone and I did. Lo and behold, a truck on Glenwood Avenue had a mattress in its bed. Fortunately, it was going in my direction and I was able to catch up to it (it wasn't going very fast) on I-440 and captured this shot:

Sorry, not the greatest shot, but hopefully, you get the gist. I hope to capture these as many times as I can find them...

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