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Sunday, March 23, 2008

My New Tattoo: Session 10

Double digit sessions now!

Yes, I am still working on this monstrosity. I had a long break with the Coach Bubba Race and my trip to San Diego. I originally had a session scheduled before my 20K, which I promptly canceled after I figured out that I would be running the next day. And then I had an appointment the Friday that I came back from San Diego on the red eye, so I just couldn't find the energy to sit through a three hour session.

So I finally made it Friday. Durham was a bit crowded and it took me a little bit to find a darn parking space. Dogstar was pretty busy that day so I felt REALLY SPECIAL having my session, where people were being turned away for drop-ins...:-)

Friday's session was shading day. I wasn't nervous or anticipating any pain. While being away for several weeks, it was like childbirth and I 'forgot' the pain. Once she started, though, man oh man I wasn't sure how I would manage three hours. It hurt. It hurt so bad my face made those contorted faces.

But those were the sore spots. The non-sore-spots were quite nice. The feeling is hard to describe to people who aren't into pain. Oh, did I just say that out loud? No, I wrote it. I do have a high tolerance for pain, I must admit. I have the high tolerance because I'm a sicko -- I like the pain. It can be soothing and in places, the needle feels really good.

A needle in the terms of tattooing. I don't like those others needles, like shots. And I don't do drugs so I don't get anything out of that...

So here is the latest work, so you can see how an outline progresses to shading. Again, the shading is all her and her amazing artistic eye.

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