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Monday, March 10, 2008


For the older generation, you may remember what this acronym meant: Love You Like A Sister. I wrote this on all my nicely folded notes I gave to my best gal pals. One of those gal pals is Maria.

Maria and I were best friends in the Philippines. Actually, she was my best friend, along with her little sister, Cathy. We lived in the same subdivision, about four streets apart. I went to her house, they came to mine. We lip-synched to the popular songs and danced are skinny booties off (back then, mine was a **little** skinnier than it is now). Sleepovers, which back then were called, "spending the night", at each other's homes.

We were girl scouts together. I don't recall too much about girl scouts other than her dad taking me to girl scouts because my dad forgot to pick me up after school to take me there. This was an often occurrence by my dad, who I adore, and was completely sober...

The summer before we began sixth grade, her family got re-assigned to California (both our dads were military). That was approximately 1981, I think. But since that year, we have kept in touch. More often when we were teenagers by snail mail, and as adults, by e-mail.

So when I mentioned to her that I was going to be in San Diego for a week, my dear friend Maria did not hesitate to buy tickets to fly down from the bay area of CA to San Diego. Isn't that amazing? True, lasting friendship...

She came to pick me up at my hotel Thursday afternoon and I met her man, Noel. We connected after about half an hour. I'm sure he was sizing me up, wondering why the hell his girlfriend would fly out to see me, somewhat a 'stranger' after all these years. Well, maybe he didn't connect with me but I did with him. And for me and Maria, I really felt like we picked up where we left off.

She is still as beautiful as ever. She gained no weight and looked amazingly fit after having three children. Granted, she had those much earlier in life; lucky her, she will be 'free' from taking care of children in this lifetime. They're practically grown.

And what did they do for me? They took me to Coronado. Wow. What an amazing place. I would love to live here. A beautiful, clean, maintained city with the most amazing beach. The sand was so, so, soft. I loved it.

We went to the Hotel del Coronado. Naturally, I knew this hotel and I knew it was haunted. I asked everyone that worked there if they had seen the ghost.

We enjoyed a nice bottle of wine together in the lounge. This was our friendly waiter, who was the bomb, but I forgot his name:

We had a blast and took many, many pictures of each other in various (non-sexual) poses. It was so much fun to feel silly and goofy like that. Maria has since invited me back to stay with them, with my familia, and they would show us around Napa valley. Now, we are hoping we can plan that kind of trip real soon...

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