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Thursday, March 27, 2008

London Day Two

Wow. London is incredible. And my family's flat in London is fabulous, especially where it's located. So close to so much.

Today, Joyce was our tour guide -- and a might fine one she is.

Temps are cold and windy, plus rain throughout the day. One minute it is sunny, the next minute, rain.

Today we made it to Kensington Palace, home of the late Princess Diana.

It's unbelievable that this palace is so accessible to people, well, the gardens, that is. I loved Princess Di's fairy tale story -- I was in middle school when she was presented as Lady Diana Spencer, school teacher and future bride of the prince. I was moved being there...Joyce reminded me about how many flowers had filled this area up after her tragic death...

Next stop after that: shopping! And who better to show us the tricks of the trade but Ms. Stylish herself, Joyce.

We hit the streets of London, making our way to whereever Harrod's is located. Before we hit the very pricey Harrod's, however, we roamed its street:

This particular store was located throughout London. I loved the typo ;-):

I picked up a few items in a great boutique -- can't remember the name. But I think it' so cool that I can just use my credit card (debit) and it work in pounds...

Next stop was Harrod's.

I can't begin to explain how massive this ONE store is. It is truly amazing. Sections are divied throughout, focusing on perfume, makeup, shoes, handbags, clothing, and then, the restaurants... Those are divided as well: pizza section, bakery, candy, sushi, etc. I mean, this store is tremongous.

Joyce then took us to the memorial for Princess Diana. I thought it was strange, that Harrod's would have a memorial for her, but then, I knew she was very loved by the British, so then I thought how nice. However, when I got to it, it was a memorial for Princess Diana *and* Dodi al Fayed. Okay, that was a little strange...until I learned that the owner of Harrod's is Dodi's father:

After our trip to Harrod's, we left the area to meet Jhun for lunch. We had mentioned how CJ was excited to try the fish-n-chips when he mentioned that there was only one place to go for this, which was Sea Shell. Not only did he think that this was the best fish-n-chips in London, but in all of the UK. Wow. Such high praise from a man who appreciates great food.

We found that Sea Shell is off the beaten path. Not located in a place where tourists could find...only a true Londoner would know where this was. It was surrounded by nothing but a school. The fish was indeed fabulous and to my great delight, CJ had her chips traditionally: with malt vinegar (and loved it).

After the great meal, Jhun left for errands and Joyce stuck around to show us more of the city. It was wonderful. We ended up at yet another department store where I went crazy to try on several outfits. The prices were incredible.

Soon, Joyce received a phone call from Jhun to let us know that they obtained tickets for us to have tea at the Ritz. And we had to be there at was around 4:30PM. We decided to head back to the flat in order to get ready, as the Ritz is a suit-and-tied phenomenon.

We took the bus back and we decided to let Joyce stop off at the grocery store first, with the girls, in order to pick out some snacks and breakfast for my picky eaters. She was really concerned about Tim and I getting lost and I assured her, we would be just fine. I knew the address and we were on the street we needed to be. She got off at the stop before ours, desperately seeking assurance from us that we would be okay. GO! DON'T WORRY! I yelled to her.

So how did we muck it all up? We were stupid. We got off the bus and walked to the address that the flat was located. But to me, the flat looked completely different so I decided, despite the address being spot on, that it was NOT the place.

We walked up and down that street, trying to determine what went wrong. We ended up in front of Cromwell Hospital, which was vaguely familiar to us. I texted Jhun to tell him where we were and how do we get to his flat. He wrote 'just start walking till you reach the address'. Well, this was completely silly to us, as we didn't know which way we were supposed to walk and by god, we just saw the address and it wasn't it! So I texted back that we were at the address but it was all brick. His response "Stay there, I'm coming for you".

Well, we couldn't stay and decided to pick up some wine at the grocery store. I knew it had to be the same one Joyce had gone to, so I am now thinking how surprised she's going to be to see us in there...and that we walked the full stop _back_ to where she'd gotten off.

Sure enough, we saw her and had a great laugh. Jhun found us too -- he had quickly retrieved his bike to save the day. And when we walked back to the address that I had poo-pood, we walked right in. It was, after all, the flat we were supposed to be...

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