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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fly By Night

We knew our flight from Detroit to London was going to be a long one, especially for the girls. But our hope was that, since we were flying during the hours of sleep, that we (especially the girls) would sleep most of the trip away.

How very silly of us.

The flight itself was quite nice. We had first-class treatment by the stewardesses, or whatever they are called now. No bitchy ones on this flight, can you believe it?

We had free drinks – and I'm not just talking about the cokes. Dinner was served, which was quite good. And we all had individual TVs to watch, so CJ picked “Juno” to watch; Mi-Mi did too; Tim enjoyed “American Gangster” and I watched “Becoming Jane” (beautiful movie to watch but oh-so sad...). Movies were free and later, we played games, which were also free.

So we definitely felt like first class flyers.

But what we were missing that the first-class flyers had were comfortable seats for sleeping. The seats go back about 5 degrees, so instead of a 90 degree seating, you “lie” at an 85 degree generous.

We had the four seats in the middle, so there was no window to lean our head against. When the girls finally did sleep, it was a fretful sleep because they could not get comfortable. Quite a few fits of anger from them: grunts, kicking, flailing, and of course, the furrowing of the eyebrows.

Tim and I got even less. I know I fell asleep but I woke up every few minutes to try to get my head to bob the other way. Tim and I both gave up about four in the morning and just watched Spongebob...

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