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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Enoteca Vin

This is my favorite Wine Bar in Raleigh. It's always our first stop when Tim and I have our "old fogeys" bar-hopping nights.

We always choose to sit at the bar. Our interest is in one to three glasses of wine (always red...have you been paying attention?), the cheese plate (the $14 version, which includes all of the five cheeses they are showcasing), and olives. We added deviled eggs, to celebrate Easter -- which in the our household, is everything about Bunnies and eggs...

The great thing about going to this place is 1) you will be drinking some really, really, really great wine. I had a Rioja and a Shiraz. Although the Shiraz was a pricier glass than the Rioja, the Rioja by jar was the best. I highly recommend it: Rioja Reserva, Heredad de Baroja. Tim had a cab which was pretty outstanding. I was really leaning towards my second glass being the cab, but I decided to try the pricier Shiraz. While it was awesome, I was just blown away by the Rioja.

It was pretty crowded for a Saturday evening at 7:30ish. We had the same server we usually have when we go there, so I find that pretty impressive for area restaurants -- as volatile as they are ESPECIALLY HERE. Nice to see a familiar face even though, this past Saturday, he seemed a bit hurried.

But it will remain as the main launching ground for our Glenwood sprees.

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