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Monday, March 10, 2008

Book Review: Run by Ann Patchett

Well, I finished this dozer. I don't know what this book was supposed to be about. I waited and waited for the 'punchline' and at some point, I realized there wasn't any and this was what the book would be about.

Essentially, it starts off with a man who loses his wife and we learn that they had adopted two black sons (they are white, with a natural born son). That was one chapter and then suddenly, we read about these boys being men, early 20s. There is very little about Bernadette, the wife. Well, in pieces, we learn that she had cancer, had a slow death, and loved her boys -- the adopted and the natural born. But that's it. There really is no other connection recited back to Bernadette other than this.

We learn about the two adopted sons, sort of. And we learn a little bit more about the natural born son, who somehow felt deserted by his family by the adoption of these two boys.

We learn a little bit about Doyle, the dad. But we only learn very superficial things about his personality. He was a mayor and well, that's it.

Then among this, an accident occurs and a woman, with a young eleven year old child, is badly injured. Soon, we learn that thism mother is in fact, the mother of the two adopted sons. The girl ends up staying in a house full of 'strange' men -- and although nothing happens that one would assume would happen in this day and age -- it's just so out-of-touch with what most people would consider while reading this.

I don't like dissing books because it takes a lot for someone to pour their heart and soul into something and for someone like me, a nobody, to question their reasoning is, well, unreasonable.

But this book was crap. I received no redeeming value out of reading this vs. not reading it at all. I have nothing to quote; no great character to follow me through the weeks; nothing but what the heck was Ann Patchett trying to accomplish with this novel. What is this book about? She recognized almost each character in depth (to a degree) and more so.

Nearly 300 pages and I was left utterly feeling that I wasted my days reading this...

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