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Friday, February 08, 2008

Ten Mile Run

Not really. I stopped after 9.3.

I had planned an eight mile run but $Bill was planning ten, so I decided to shoot for ten with him.

We had great weather and a great start time: 10:45. I really like sleeping in on Saturdays. And "sleeping in" mainly means snuggling with Tim and/or Mi-Mi, getting up whenever I want and having a great cup of coffee and then reading the paper, or one of the books of the moment, or even blogging. It's a very casual approach to the day, vs. the hurry up and get the kids to school, and then get to work, and then hurry up get the kids, go home, fix dinner, etc.

But most Saturday runs start pretty early which derails my casual approach to starting my Saturdays. But 10:45 was perfect, so I knew my day was starting out beautiful.

The run was great until, I don't know, mile 6? My legs were really tiring and I thought often about how the hell I could do four more of these. Actually, I never thought about how many more I had to do...I thought about where I was running to and wondered how the hell I could finish the path I had taken.

But peer pressure is great and especially when $Bill is applying that pressure. Since I spent most of my time concentrating on where I had to go, $Bill finally had an opportunity to talk. I am usually the talker and if Melisa is with us, she is usually the talker and our conversations are usually centered around what WE want to discuss with very little input from $Bill (I don't think he minds, though).

Anyway, it was refreshing to hear his take on politics. I enjoy a healthy conversation about people's perspectives and today was the day to hear his on our current elections.

We also talked about the idiotic corporate ways to provide raises and bonuses, how the grass seems greener in Spain for me, and how much fun our girls will have at Mi-Mi's birthday party.

At around 'almost eight miles', I announced that I was abandoning bill when my watch said I had gone eight miles. He then pointed out a mile marker and said 'just run to the next one and you'll be at 8.1'. I know this ploy -- bill does this all the time. It's admirable and despite the fact that I was on to him, I followed suit. I knew that by the time I got to the next mile marker that there would be no way I would stop because by that time, I would know that I was close to the end.

And it worked and I continued on but man, my legs were sore. How am I going to run my 20K if I can't get to ten? Well, I know I can, so I'm not really too stressed about it. Especially when I don't have a time goal.

My next vow was that I would stop once we crossed under the bridge (Millbrook). This time, however, I decided that if we were really close to ten that I would just run to ten. When we got passed the bridge I asked where we were and he said "9.3" and to me, .7 was TOO FAR for me to run so I said "I'm done" and let Bill continue on his way.

We met up at the parking lot -- I could not get myself to run anymore, even down the small downward slopes, to get back to my car. I was done. At some point, Bill dropped his key and we both kind of looked at it, setting there on the ground, wondering how it could get back into his hand without either of us bending down to get it. He finally, albeit slowly, managed to pick it up.

Our reward? White Lightning for him and Banana-Strawberry smoothie for me, plus two Apple Jacks to-go (turkey, cheese, apple butter wrap) from our favorite coffee house, New World Coffee House.

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