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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Step It Up

Yesterday, I found that I had some time before an all afternoon meeting for a workout so I checked out what classes would be at my beckon call. Basic Step was listed at an ideal time but I had not done this class in AGES. I mean, YEARS. Probably before becoming pregnant with CJ, which is nearly 10 years now.

I wasn't prepared. I had no gym clothes but wait, I remembered having some yoga clothes in my office. What the hell, I thought. I know nothing about doing the step class, I have no one to join me in looking stupid, and all I have are pants and a long sleeve shirt to workout in -- the elements were perfect for a mucked up time working out. But I knew it would be a tough week to get any classes checked off and I wanted to make some 'miles' for another fitness program I'm partaking in.

So I walk a LOOONG way to get to the gym. The one day I don't drive to work is the one day that I end up very far from the gym. But I sucked it up and walked in my high heels boots to first, pick up my yoga clothes and then two, get to the gym. I was sweating like crazy by the time I got there just from the walk.

So the class is PACKED. And it's so packed that, even though I find my little niche to hide my incoordination from the rest of the class, people still walk in to cramp my space.

Class starts and I make it through the warm-up with flying colors...that was about two minutes and then we started on the step. No problem so far. But the beat is getting faster and within five minutes, I hear "Charleston kick!" Whaaaaaaa....?

And just as soon as I figure out the Charleston kick, she yells "figure eight!" This one, I don't really figure out until the last 15 minutes and by that time, I was SOOOOOO INTO this I was pretty cocky about it by then.

There were a lot of other moves that I had to figure out but somewhat quickly figured it out...and even when I mucked up, I still managed well.

I was "lucky" as I was surrounded by step experts. I ended up learning to hop and jump and do more coordinated moves due to their influence: they were the only ones I could mimic. Soon, I was sweating like crazy but for the most part, I felt like I was doing something fun vs. having a hard time with an exercise class.

This class, on this day, and due to the stress of the past several days I put myself under, became my equivalent of reading Jane Eyre -- it set me up on such a high note. I was elated -- my adrenaline and endorphins making me fly as high as a kite. I think I just glowed for the rest of the day...while the birds all sang around me...and bunnies hopped alongside me with smiles as big as mine.

(I'm not on drugs. Seriously, a natural high...)

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