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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars

So I'm watching E! and the red carpet show with all the movie stars being interviewed by Ryan Crest. It reminds me of many, many years ago, before kids, when watching Joan Rivers and her daughter "do" the red carpet shows.

Tim and I usually have an Oscar party. Well, we still do. In fact, tonight was a wonderful array of Spanish food I put together. Well, I didn't put it was actually based on a phenomenal meal I had last weekend, which was a birthday party with a fabulous cooking "class' (we ate, she cooked) of Spanish foods. I decided to recreate it for Tim and hence, Oscar night.

Anyhoo, way back when, Tim and I were feeling festive for our Oscar party way back when. I was feeling pretty toasty and as I listened and watched Joan Rivers crack on every woman walking the red carpet. I was getting so pissed off -- this would be back in my road rage days -- that I started an e-mail to Joan Rivers as she talked and dissed everyone.

It was quite funny, as I sit now, writing this, feeling toasty, and laughing (as I did then) at the rampage I put onto e-mail about Joan Rivers (to Joan Rivers). I remember she was wearing a brown dress and I just kept at how drab she looked and how much nerve she had to talk about these folks in their beautiful dresses while she wore...well, derby brown.

Ah, good times. Good times. I love the Oscars. Not so much because of all the famous folk, but how it annoys me to see such pompousness from all elitist walks of life.

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