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Friday, February 08, 2008

A Night Out in North Raleigh

I guess it depends on where you think North Raleigh is. In this scenario, North Raleigh will be the Millbrook, Six Forks, Creedmoor vicinity. Nowhere near where Durant and Falls of Neuse exist, where it appears to be spoken as "north raleigh"...

With reservations, our evening started at Oliver Twist. I don't have it listed as a favorite yet, but it is a place that will soon make my list. I have criteria for making a favorite but I have no idea how to imprint that as logic in's all in my head and very justifiable by my warped mind.

If you've never been to Oliver Twist, you must give it at least one try. A very unique place that is truly romantic, in a more slutty way vs. roses and perfume...

There are dark leather couches, dark wooden coffee tables, with draperies hanging throughout the walls, as well as fabric hanging from lamps to provide more of that sexy, gypsy aura.

The ladies that serve dress very provocatively: whether they should or not is another question, but in my eyes, they should.

Food is mainly tapas - small plates - in which there is a wide variety to choose from. There are entrees too, but we've never ordered from that part -- tapas is too much fun.

On this particular evening, we enjoyed a bottle of Wolf Blass Shiraz and feasted on four fabulous tapas:

Tuscan Stuffed Mushrooms - four moderately large mushroom caps filled with an italian sauage mixture. Divine - my favorite of all of the tapas we had.

Flatbread Trio - pita bread with baba ghanouj, tzatziki, and hummus; quite good.

Asian Dim Sum - two fried spring rolls, which were excellent, along with about four steamed dumplings that were also quite yummy. Along with this were some green beans that were soooo good, with a sweet chili sauce that I loved but Tim found quite hot. It was so good though that he continued to dip stuff into it despite it being hot (he's not a hot food fan).

Fried Ravioli - this was also quite tasty despite the fact that I'm not much of a stuffed pasta fan anymore (chef boyardee when I was a kid) but I guess when you add a little oil to it and fry it up, you just can't go wrong.

Service was so-so and maybe the least favorite of the evening, but tolerable. The waitress was nice but failed my wine test question. She provide too much info by telling us she was new there (I don't care) and then couldn't figure out how to open the bottle of wine (it was actually a twist-off). She was slow too, but it certainly didn't affect the evening because her skill set "meets" my's when you are actually good at doing this that I am moved.

After our delightful outing at Oliver Twist, we headed to The Colony Theatres to catch "There Will Be Blood". I had another glass of vino and Tim had a beer -- love these theaters that cater to people like me :-). The movie was relatively busy for a flick that's been out awhile, but I guess since it's Oscar-worthy, more people will come out to see what it's all about (like me).

It was a pretty good movie, but nothing to write home about -- for me. I mean, I really liked it, don't get me wrong -- it's just a good movie. Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing and really, the movie is about how great a character actor he is. But it certainly was no Juno, which even to this day, makes me so happy to think about how lucky I was to have seen that movie.

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