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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Movie Review: Juno


As soon as I saw this preview, I wanted to see this movie. But, you know, it's not only a chick flick, but a TEENAGE chick flick...something I knew would not be as appealing to Tim as it is to me.

I knew the female character would be the bomb, and I have been a big fan of Michael Cera since Arrested Development, and have always been a Jason Bateman fan, who I didn't even know was in the movie until my BFF Audrey mentioned it to me, when I asked for some details about the flick.

So I thought, maybe I make this a girl's night out flick? But, you know, I just want to go to the movie without making it a big "to-do". I then thought, heck, maybe I'll just take CJ along.

I've done that before -- I wanted to see About a Boy so bad that I took her along. And she was probably four at the time. Now, she's nine, so, a bit more tweeny and closer to the PG-13 rating...

Of course, I had to have Tim agree to it. I tend to be OVERLY liberal with regard to what my children can watch, so there tends to be a difference between what Tim will want vs. what I will allow. And before you think that he's too conservative, or that I give in, or that I should stand my guard, or that he is dominating -- those thoughts do come through our minds (I am speaking for him) but at some point, you have to negotiate. After all, we're both looking out for the best for our yes, in some cases, one has to give in. I think we divy up the "give ins" pretty evenly.

Fortunately, we didn't have that issue with this movie. He was OK with my plan. The only problem was to pick a date.

It only became a problem because I told CJ about it and then a play date/sleepover opportunity came up for her that minimized any movie-going-with-mommy event and frankly, I was now intent on taking her. In my mind, she was looking forward to it as much as I was.

So, despite having a busy morning and afternoon today, we did make it to the movie. I mean really, I've been wanting to see this thing for weeks and I just couldn't wait.

And it also ended up that not only did CJ come along, but my little imp Mi-Mi.

We made it and surprisingly, the theater was relatively crowded for a 4:15 matinee. Most were older people and NO KIDS or TWEENS to be found. I'm sure there were some folks thinking, what the heck does that mom think she's doing bringing her kids to this? Doesn't she know it's PG-13? Alas, they do not know that 1) I'm not vying for mother of the year and 2) My minimum rating for my kids is R.

Anyhoo, the movie was THE BOMB. My favorite movie of the year and the past year (it's only February...stating the best of the year doesn't really send the message at how much I love this movie).

It turned out close to what I wanted and even better than I could expect.

Yes, the gist of the movie is teenage pregnancy -- 16 year old Juno gets pregnant and the goofy father is awkward about the whole thing.

And yes, although the movie depicts the ideal dysfunctional family 'ala hollywood-style' (meaning, everything is ideal), it is still delving into issues that we americans still find taboo or somewhat controversial: teenage pregnancy, abortion, adoption, remarriage, divorce, and single-parenthood.

But Juno, played by Ellen Page, is the most interesting, charismatic character I have seen in years. Not original, but definitely the character that I would have eat, lived and breathed to be in high school. And despite the pregnancy fiasco, something I would hope my kids would be: confident in who she is without a care for anyone else's opinion.

And she has a popular, pretty friend who likes her for who she is. And a step-mom who sticks up for her and an older sister who, well, acts like a pretty cool older sister and best of all, a dad, who loves his daughter no matter what...and definitely loves her for who she is.

Audrey did a review and she was so spot on about this movie. It's just so funny and then, at the end, the emotions come out. Yes, I cried. I could have really cried those heaving, catch my breath cries, but I didn't want to disturb the old people around me.

My kids are used to seeing me cry. Not through the verbal and physical abuse I get from Tim, but mainly, watching Intervention almost ALWAYS brings me to tears. I love it. I love something that can evoke such emotion from me. I don't know why more people don't appreciate seeing, reading, hearing such heart-tugging things. But thankfully, I'm not one of those and Juno truly brought me to the emotions that not only made me cry, but made me happy, giddy, and full of delight. I loved it so much I just bought the soundtrack from iTunes just to try to relive those moments in the movie.


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