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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fuck You I Won't Do What You Tell Me

A line from a great song by Rage Against the Machine, "Killing in the Name". A message from me to the media.

Am I bitter that John Edwards is no longer in the run? Yes.

So then my good friend Audrey came to my rescue and sent me a cool little app that asks the 'top' questions, and depending on your answers, shows which of the available candidates closely matches your answers.

My top place match was Dennis Kucinich. I have some familiarity with his campaign, mostly stemming from a skit off The Daily Show about FLILF (just like MILF, but with "First Lady"). They interviewed Elizabeth Kucinich, who, well, is FLILF in my book too.

Because of that, I read a bit more about her which gave me a little insight to him.

So I was mildly please that my answers matched me to him, so I went to his website, signed up for the newsletter, and went to research the man. After signing up for the newsletter, I went to the home page only to see "Kucinich Withdraws from Presidential Race".

Am I bitter about that? YES.


Because no one has a chance, based on the media coverage, to win this race, except Obama or Hilary. I'm not including the Republicans, since I'm not voting that way. But, have you seen anything on Ron Paul? Other than the signs that are put up all over the place. But I sure haven't heard anything about him from mainstream media America.

When Edwards dropped, I thought, geez, I have to decide between Obama and Hilary. Then I snapped out of it and realized, I don't HAVE to...but the media is making me choose between two people THEY want me to choose from.


To me, obviously, it's because we have unprecedented campaigns: a female, ex-First Lady and a young, black man. I have no ill-will against either one. I like both for different reasons, but I also take issue with both, as we differ on other points.

But there are more people to consider than these two. And have you heard of any of them? Maybe you have, but for the most part, it's been very little.

For instance, my second place match from that little quiz was Mike Gravel. Ever heard of him? I didn't. But now, I'm doing my homework.

And besides the signs I see for Ron Paul, very little is said about him in the media. BTW, I love those Ron Paul Revolution signs, with "LOVE" spelled out instead of "evol"... And I want to like him -- a grassroots movement that spans different political and economic levels -- but he's against abortion...a deal-breaker for me.

But still, he's a worthy candidate to entrust more information to be revealed about his campaign, but he's ignored by the media, as Gravel, Kucinich, Brownback, Tancredo, Hunter, etc. One of these people could have been the most amazing president ever, but we may never know...

Don't believe them: you are not wasting your vote. It's a sucker's cry to make you think your vote will only count if you vote for who they want you to vote for. Make you own choice based on your own beliefs.

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