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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Follow-up to "Burst My Bubble"

As mentioned in my earlier post, Burst My Bubble, I had a bad experience with a couple of the library staff members at my local branch. And although my anger subsided, my irritation was still there.

It was good to cool down though. Good because I could write a very proper e-mail to the director of Wake County Libraries.

In the e-mail, I first informed the director about finding out about the torn stickers and explaining to my daughter why that was wrong.

Then I proceeded with the scene-by-scene action that took place as I walked to the counter and first met "The Sigher". Although I did my best to show 'just the facts, ma'am', it was still written from my perspective of how the event took place.

I felt pretty good about the e-mail, albeit, I felt I could have been taking it 'just a little to serious'. But on the Wake County web site, there are several bullets with regard to what the library staff is there for, and a few of those bullets point out that they are 'professional', 'discreet', 'helpful', etc. I pointed these out to the director -- copied them directly from the website and suggested that these two staff members be re-trained in these principles.

I was duly surprised when I received a prompt reply from him and what a reply it was.

The director started off by telling me that my story reminded him of an incident where one of his kids mucked up the neighbor's driveway. As his wife was trying hard to scrub the damage her child had made, the neighbor walked out and shrugged off the whole thing. 'Don't worry about it' was the attitude, with a laugh between them. The director continued that had that neighbor walked out and treated his wife with disrespect, how differently everything would have been between them.

So, to me, he definitely understood what I had tried to put into that e-mail: I felt bad about damage my kid did; I tried to help; and you still treat me badly.

With that, he apologized in their behalf and hoped I would continue to use the library system. All eloquently said (impressive) and cc'd the branch manager, who promptly replied to me with deep regrets for the treatment and that she had "spoken to the two employees".

Although I certainly didn't wish these two women to be fired or harshly reprimanded, I certainly didn't want their day to go on without a reminder that 1) you can't treat people rudely and 2) most importantly, don't treat ME rudely.

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  1. Awesome - I'm glad you followed up with the powers that be. As I read your original post, I could easily imagine the old biddies - so sure of themselves and their self-rightious belief that all people must work to make their job easier - and wanted to bash them upside their heads. I despise counter staff like them who cop attitudes when things don't go their way. The boss man should make them personally deliver all your books to your house for the next 10 years (and retrieve them when you are finished). They should also be made to mow your grass and clean up dog poop while they are there. ---James Lamm