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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

BTW, I just saw Jessica Alba showing off her big ass Cartier diamond ring (on the red carpet). Anyone out there considering buying me a diamond anything...DON'T. I hate diamonds and I'm so sick of these movie stars trying to out-diamond each other: I have a two carat; I have a three carat: I have a four carat!

In fact, for the last few years, I have taken all my diamonds and put them in a stack to sell. I haven't sold them yet, merely out of pure forgetfulness, but they will be sold. Even my two carat diamond anniversary ring that Tim gave me for our 10th year anniversary. No personal attachments to it -- or the others that I hold.

And although it has a slight relevance to "Blood Diamonds", it has nothing to do with the movie (as I've never seen it) -- but the root of the theme of the movie is one reason I have no interest in diamonds -- and the other relevance is the stupidity behind putting so much emphasis behind diamonds. I've seen rocks at Umstead that appeal to me more than a diamond does...

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