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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The World According To Me...Part Two

I have a few more Best of 2007 to add to my list...

Best Vacation: My vacations this year all have been pretty darn good but the one I enjoyed the most was the most recent trip to the NC mountains. It was full of surprises: beautiful country, nice people, pretty hip (grunge) towns and the cabin ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN was pretty incredible. Plus, even though my family did not make it, Tim's family made it and it made for a warped Norman Rockwell family scene. I think I opened up more (I type better than I talk) and really bonded with my sis-in-law. And meeting Scooter was the pinnacle of this wonderful trip.

Best Moment: I am pretty much making this category up. There are so many moments that elate me but again, a recent one warms me when I think of it. It was Coach's Night Out and me and my fellow GOTR coaches were celebrating the end of our Fall season at Champp's at Southpoint. Our table, and where I sat, faced onto the walking area of the open mall part. We had been laughing, reminiscing and such when one of the coaches asked if that was my family outside. I looked up and across and there was Tim and my two beautiful girls, beaming right at me, waving their little hands off (well, Tim's gigantic one). My heart melted and I knew it was time for me to run out there and give them all a big hug. A small moment that may seem innocuous, but it was a moment, that I later told Tim, that "made my life".

Best Wine: I love wine. Red wine to be specific. Merlots (and no, I don't fall prey to the pander of movies such as Sideways, that dissed Merlots and soon after, Merlot purchases across the nation dropped...can we say Baaaa! America?), Shirazes, Cabs and blends of all of them. My favorite of the year was Casillero Del Diablo Carmenere, which translates to Cellar of the Devil. OF COURSE IT WOULD BE MY FAVORITE! I drank it to celebrate the end of 2007. I see Riojas in my future for 2008...

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