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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Will You Remember Me?

Yesterday, as I drove Mi-Mi and I home for the day, the song "Ready, Set...Don't Go" by Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus played on the Disney Channel over my XM radio (what I won't do for my kids...this is NOT why I have an XM radio...but it's ending up that way).

If you aren't familiar with that song, and you wouldn't be unless you have fans of Hannah Montana in the home, the song is a duet between a father (Billy Ray) and his daughter (Miley), where the daughter is leaving home to start her own life -- and is excited about it -- and the dad doesn't want her to go and is extremely sadden by it. It's not a great song, but it's reeeeaaaallly sad when you listen to the words.

My daughters LOVE this song. I don't mind it...IOW, I don't hate it. The gist of the song makes it 'special' for me.

So yesterday, as it played, Mi-Mi asks me if I know what the song means. She continues to tell me that it (the song) means that the daughter is leaving and her daddy doesn't want her to become a grown-up.

I thought that was such a sweet statement from her, that she understood the song. I assumed it was an episode of Hannah Montana she might've seen, where they possibly sang this duet together, and that is how she understood its meaning.

So I told her: Well, that will be you one day. You will leave home one day to go to college, or marry, or just go out on your own, and mommy and daddy will be left at home without you.

She then said: Can I have a picture of you and daddy? I want to bring it with me so I won't forget you.

That's my girl. She's not sad about leaving me...just >>a little<< concerned she might forget who she left behind.

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