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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank You!

That was the e-mail I received from John Edwards about 16 minutes ago.

I knew what was about to happen. I have felt that way from the start, but you know, I wasn't going to stop supporting him until he was out of it.

I read the blurb on Yahoo this AM that he was rumored to drop out. And then CNN reported it and shortly thereafter, the John Edwards campaign from Chapel Hill called to let me know. It was cathartic to speak to someone who was as disappointed as I was, and we went on and on about the great facets of the campaign that drew us into his corner.

It's disappointing, without a doubt, I think the public has missed out on being informed -- INFORMING THEMSELVES -- about what this man had to offer this country. The average joe that goes out to vote -- which is mostly not me, nor most of you that read this...we HAVE health insurance, we HAVE job stability, we HAVE money to pay the bills, and we HAD a great opportunity to get our college degree, let alone our high school degree -- will probably not have this information and will vote (as they did four years ago) for someone that has no desire to empathize with that "low class citizen". This is what is ironic to me -- the very people that this man is aiming to help are the people who have "voted" him out.

So now, it's back to the drawing board. I had intentions of reading up on Obama and Clinton. I feel like I have a bit more knowledge on Hilary than Obama, but not enough to make the right decision for myself.

But it will be a comparison to what I believed in Edwards, and I sure hope I can find someone close to the inspiration and invigoration that Edwards gave me.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open. I am starting from scratch, so I'm going to have to learn about these candidates. I can tell you right now, I'm nowhere near looking at any republicans...not unless you can give me someone liberal, who doesn't give a shit about marriage between two men or two women, who will allow women, no matter how shallow they are, to choose what they want to do with their pregnancy, who will provide healthcare for all people, who won't give "benes" to freaking CEOs, who will do what they can to stop and analyze this fucking war on terrorism, and who won't be so fucked in the head that they believe that "god" has chosen them to rule the world...

Of course, it seems "we" buy into all that, hence dubya still being prez.

On second thought, if you have any recommendations for moving to another country and just leaving this behind, I'm all ears.

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