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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tap Out

I have no earthly idea why this has happened to me, but I LOVE Ultimate least, The Ultimate Fighter Challenge.

I got Season 1 for Tim for christmas. After watching the last season, we were hooked, so I thought we would start from the beginning.

We are halfway through the first season and it's awesome. Well, except for the challenges -- which I think came along because during those reality TV years, challenges were big on these things. The first season of The Contender was no different. But fortunately, over the years, they modified it to just pure training, house stuff, and cage fighting. I'm getting better at watching it without covering my eyes with my hands. Well, I don't cover my eyes entirely. I actually peek through fingers and stuff, which makes me feel "safer" watching it. It's the same tactic I use when I watch scary movies.

Anyway, I'm ready to invest in Season 2. I'm kind of excited that I started late so I have A LOT to watch before I catch up. Especially since the new season of the UFC hasn't happened.

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