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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Scariest Words I Heard Today...

...were when my daughter opened the front door to walk the dog while I was attending to my other daughter's socks.

She said "There's someone standing outside".

I actually didn't panic and rushed to her, although I was right next to her. I must have had my scary face on because the young kid on the other side was a bit tentative.

But he said something to the effect that he wasn't there for me to be alerted -- I am paraphrasing from memory because, well, I was surprised that someone was standing right outside my house without alerting me (I have a doorbell). And if you've ever read the book The Gift of Fear, anyone that has to tell you they're not they're to hurt/alert you, it usually means they ARE.

But he stood at the bottom of my steps and started his spiel on some work being done in the neighborhood and would I be interested (sales pitch). He stayed away. I hope I intimidated him because I was on mom alert when I heard those words come out of my precious girl's mouth.

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