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Friday, January 04, 2008

Results Are In

I am not entirely disappointed in Iowa's results. Although I'm a little frightened by Huckabee's win. I read that turnout was low for Republicans, so I'm hoping that is really the case (I didn't read too much into the Republican side, so if anyone wants to elaborate...feels the _need_ to elaborate...feel free) but I figure, someone has to 'win' on the republican side. I'll wait with bated breath to see where the hell he ends up in the next few months.

But I am pretty surprised with the results. I think the media had me fooled into believing a Clinton sweep. BUT OBAMA??? I'm not unhappy about that. It feels good to think that there are people out there who want a change. Not giving second thought to the so called 'experienced' politician. Or Iowans love their Oprah.

And although Edwards was second, I think beating Hilary was a milestone for him...and of course, Obama. But as it is pointed out in numerous places, Edwards is nowhere NEAR having the financial backing that Obama and Clinton have, so in some way, it speaks WORLDS of what he, too, has been able to accomplish.

Now we enter the primaries and New Hampshire will be the next hoopla. I'm still hopeful and unfortunately, doubtful. I hate that. I hate to be influenced by the media, but we are a society so driven by what the news people tell us...or bob at the bar...

Anyway, I believe I expected a big ZERO for Edwards. I felt like he just wasn't in the running and would end up third, or worse, behind the other lesser known democratic opponents. And of course, I thought Hilary would be on top (the way Bill likes it?) so I'm pretty happy with how Iowa has started off our political us a little bit of a twist.

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