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Monday, January 14, 2008

Party Time

So this past Saturday was the company prom.

Generally, I'm not a big fan of attending. I've become the party pooper but my husband prefers to go. Every reason he has is reasonable and basically it comes down to one reason: the company provides a party for you - we should go.

Can't argue with that.

I can go into some reasons why I am so cynical with regards to the prom. But instead, I'll focus on this past weekend's festivities.

First, and I've pondered this out loud to many co-workers today: why do "we" hug one another at these things as though we haven't seen each other in ages? I mean, for most of the people I had seen, I had seen just the day before. Yet I seek them, with open arms, genuinely happy to see them with a nice hug. I'm not complaining; I just think it's odd behavior.

Second, well, there is no second, just a bunch of notes on my behavior - on just three glasses of merlot (gasp! merlot! say it isn't so! i watched sideways and _they_ don't drink merlot, why should I? shame shame!):

I lost count on the number of times I hiked my dress's lower hem way up to where my dragon's talon exists, which is directly adjacent to, well, my "down under". I was thrilled to hear exasperations at, well, my audacity.

I met up with several girlfriends that I adore: one bff and two, hopefully soon-to-be bffs. One I decided to call my "saucy aussie" and inquired several times "Where is my saucy aussie?" when I couldn't see her in my sights. Don't worry - she was found to my delight.

One was MT, or Montana, as $Bill and I like to nickname her with. She and her hubby had been vacationing in New Zealand for the past five weeks so I was SO in search of her all night long. When she finally appeared, I was in deep in a conversation with the other soon-to-be BFF, so I couldn't just leave the conversation to give a big hug to MT. But as soon as I heard the period to the end of the conversation, I was out of there. I missed her although I was thrilled to death that she was enjoying her vacation dream. But it sure was nice to see her.

The other soon-to-be BFF was absolutely gorgeous. She looked amazing and she knows it (in a good way). It was great to see her and what I appreciated in a bizarre, humorous and naughty way was when she came by and mentioned she wanted to grab a martini. I said that Tim was in line already for one - just mosey up to him and act like you're with him. She took it to heart and I saw her grab his shoulders from behind, then wrap her arms around him as if she were with him. I knew Tim would LOVE that (he did) and I did too.

All in all, a good evening to socialize with friends. I get dolled up and allow myself to act a bit loose (um, as if that is unusual for me) and drink and eat for free.

However, if Tim would have said "Let's get out of here" after a mere hour...I would've been ready to go.

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