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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Typically, I prefer to set small goals throughout the year. I usually have some idea of how my New Year resolutions will come out, but they're not items that I set up for failure, i.e. "Cure cancer", "Be nice to republicans", you know, stuff that's just IMPOSSIBLE to do.

I did find myself thinking about my own goals and I mentioned it to CJ. I asked if she knew what "New Year's Resolutions" meant (no) and explained how these are a series of goals that people typically make for the New Year. Usually, they are goals that you want to do for yourself.

So at dinner, I started mentioning my goals for the New Year: run at least one half marathon, (weights) exercise 3x a week, read at least two books a month, and aim to write in my blog once a day. Tim went next: continue focusing on his business, read at least one book, finish remodeling the kitchen and building our porch, and continue having a lot of vacations.

Then CJ surprised me when she said she had written hers down and left it upstairs. So she excused herself and ran upstairs to get her list. This is what she had:

Eat no trans fat
Eat sandwich's
Keep my hair short
Keep rooms clean
Watch ghost hunters
Invite sarah over
Try more lady apples
Eat McDonald's at least twice a month

Mia recited hers and then later, asked me to spell everything for her so she could have her list too. This is what she has:

Isn't that so sweet?

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