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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My New Tattoo: Session 8

I almost thought I would be unable to make this one, The weather forecast was not looking promising for a drive to Durham, and especially, back. But fortunately for me, the weather people are wrong again and I make my way to Durham.

Today was entirely drawing -- no needle work. Kat mentioned she was concerned whether I would show up (I did call the night before to give fair warning) because she was ready to draw the next part of the tattoo on me.

First, she mentioned that it was great she took pictures of it the last visit. She said it came in handy when she and Nathan worked out some details on where the tattoo would be going. She took me into the back to show me and the first thing I noticed was how much of my right ass cheek was showing in the picture.

The second thing I noticed was how fucking amazing my tattoo looks in the picture.

But let's get back to my ass...she is showing me the tracing of the new drawing and how the tattoo will look with my existing tattoo...all I could think of was "What was Nathan thinking as he saw that big butt staring at him?" "Should I increase the number of squats I do?"

Whatever. What's done is done. Nathan has already seen me entirely nude so...whatever!

That's what I say to make myself feel better about the whole thing. It sorta works.

So the next step was for me to strip. I love how Kat shuts the little curtain to her room and says "let's get some privacy". It's not total privacy but again WHATEVER.

So truly, today was drawing. Based on her little picture she drew (with Nathan's help) to go with the photo-sized picture of my ass, she drew this on my body.

Let me tell you: that is too cool.

It is literally drawing. She uses sharpies of varying colors: first red for her initial thoughts, then to blue for the next thought and the final thought is in black. And she drew all over my back, colored in my old dragon (which is what I'm covering up) and drew all the way to the other end of my shoulder, which is diagonally opposite from where the dragon begins. IT IS HOT!

For about five minutes, however, I was suddenly hit with a wave a nausea and sweats and I thought I was going to pass out. For what reason, I have no clue. Just totally hit by something which Kat had me sit down and continued her drawing. It passed and we moved on.

But except for those five minutes, someone tracing and drawing on my back for an hour in a half is RELAXING and feels sooooo good.

After she drew everything with the sharpie, she had Nathan come in to check it out again. This time, my jeans were down to where you saw just a little butt crack and enough butt that, well, if I must say so, was deceivingly attractive. I thought that Nate might remember this view and never see that picture again.

After all of that, Kat then re-traces it onto saran wrap, which becomes her hints for drawing it up on paper. It's incredible and absolutely amazing. What a patient and detailed artist Kat is. I trust her (and Nate) completely.

So, although there was no needles involved today, it still made for a productive session for Kat and me. I went my merry way back home before the "snow" hit and decided that I'll do more squats.

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