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Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Fantasy

I have a fantasy of moving and living in another country. Yes, the fantasy includes mi familia.

As an Air Force brat, I lived in many places -- mainly on the Pacific side of the world. Tim and I were talking about that today, how being in the military, moving from place-to-place was the norm and there was no option to 'think about it'. The military dictated where you would live next and you went and made do with what that place had for you.

Now, I don't have that luxury. Tim was in the military, which brought us to North Carolina, but now, we are civilians at heart. And so, there is no force behind us to move us anywhere, except, of course, our own desire.

I won't go into all the details of why living in another country appeals to us. On the surface, for me, I want to experience another culture. I want my children to experience that more than anything, but it would be less about moving from place-to-place as the military life, but more about living somewhere that was more liberal than this country. And I don't mean that politically, because liberal to me also means being less-politically correct.

Where teaching respect is the norm and the concept "it takes a village" is part of life (thank you Hillary). I think KNOWING another language is truly intellectual, which on a whole in the US of A, is resistant to, since we have a canip-shit about learning espanol as a second language.

And just the slower pace I imagine other societies to be.

The strength of family.

The value of simplicity.

And the beauty of the people and the countryside.

My ultimate fantasy country to live in would be Spain. I have never been there but I have a couple of friends who have visited there and came back telling me how amazingly beautiful it was -- the most beautiful country they have lived in. Tim has been through there and recalls its beauty, but he wants to be reminded.

Reading about Amsterdam, our trip is in April, makes me want to push that fantasy to a reality even more. Not so much moving to Amsterdam -- that may very well be the case after we visit the place -- but the whole attitude about "freedom" -- yes, with prostitution and drugs (to a certain degree) -- which, they claim, makes life less hazardous in their country. That attitude is what I want to surround my family with.

Will it happen? Only if we make it happen. We don't have the 'luxury' of the military making the decision for us; it's up to us if we're serious about making a fantasy come true...

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