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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Movie Review: The Orphanage

I couldn't wait to see this movie once I saw it advertised, approximately two weeks ago. Of course, it didn't debut here in Raleigh on its opening, but the following weekend (yesterday) it did.

I made sure to fit in some time to do it with a busy party weekend planned (recall my dress shopping entry?). I would have rather come home Friday and enjoy my new cheeses that I got from, with some wonderful red wine, and relax my work week stresses away, but instead, I HAD to go see this flick.

We went to a local theater, although not "local" in the sense that I would be supporting local ownership, but next time, I will.

The theater was virtually empty. A handful of teenagers and a lesser handful of us old fogies.

The movie is in espanol, so another delight for me: foreign movie!!

Way back when, my life in Greenville, my weekend evenings were spent grabbing several foreign movies and some chinese food from my favorite chinese place and eating and watching, all alone while Tim worked with hot chicks at the newly opened, and very crowded, Lone Star Steakhouse. One of my great pleasures of the past.

So I don't do that anymore, mainly out of desire, vs. time, but when something of that genre comes along, I jump at it.

The Orphanage has been getting a lot of press. For good reason: a nice story-telling with a slant towards the eerie. A woman who was an orphan returns to the home (orphanage) of her youth, but now, it's her house. Of course, things have note "left" the home and the spirits roam the home.

It's not entirely a ghost story, but it is. It's a story that someone from a previous generation would sit and tell their children -- "That house, it used to be an orphanage..." and recounts some eerie tales of its history. These are stories that I grew up with that scare me and awe me at the same time.

That's what The Orphanage did for me. If you like subtlety and just good story-telling, then this movie is for you.

If you are like every other American stereotype and needs blood, guts, cursing, nudity, high-end effects, masked murderers (um, wait, there are masks in this one...), shallow story line, big actor names that make way more than they ever should, then I'm sorry, this one is not for you.

And unfortunately, it was telling since, well, I mentioned earlier, the theater was virtually empty.

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