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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

From the Mouth of Babes

Mi-Mi is my four year old. She is the most positive, upbeat, affectionate person I've ever known. If you have seen the movie Enchanted (see my review), she is just like the character Giselle.

But not always...she has a mischievous side...VERY VERY hard-headed in the way that she marches to the beat of her own drum. Despite how frustrating that can be, it is fascinating and admirable and I love her all the more for it.

Her language skills are incredible, but when you can have conversations with your own child, it is amazing. I can still remember some of my first real conversations with CJ, who is now nine (and I am still amazed at our conversations). Mia, I feel, is slightly more advanced in her terminology *and* the spectrum of her subject matter is sophisticated (to, well, what is important to a four year old).

Okay, enough boasting. That's what mom's love to do. :-)

We have been encouraging Brenna (the dog) to sleep in the girls' bedroom, instead of ours. In order to do this, we shut our door so that her only place for sleep is the girls' bedroom. It has worked and we can tell her "go to bed" and she goes right into their room.

The past couple of mornings, Brenna has gotten up earlier and attempts to come into our room. She will scratch at the door and whimper. Quite annoying when one is trying to "sleep in". And actually, when trying to sleep after my cysto, she woke me up with her clawing and whimpering.

Mi-Mi apparently heard her this morning do that, but I had no idea. Until this afternoon, when I picked her up from daycare and she said, out of the blue, "You know, Brenna is not trying to get into your room to sleep. She's just trying to let you know that it's morning time. You shouldn't get mad at her." How can I now?

Then, this evening, as I drove to Quail Ridge Books & Music (support local!), again, out of the blue, she mentioned she had a boyfriend. "A boyfriend?!" I say, surprised, because if anything, she doesn't much care for boys.

So I question her - who is your boyfriend? She replies "Parker".

I have never heard this name.

Who is Parker, I inquire. Is he in your class? She replies, quite exasperated "No...he's not in my class!" She tells me something about how she and Stella and Krista like to play with Parker.

It becomes quiet for a little bit and then she says to me, "Sometimes, I just can't stop thinking about him."

Holy shit.


  1. "Sometimes i just can't stop thinking about him." This just cracked me up! (-:

  2. I know! If only you could have heard her say it. I don't give it justice in writing it.