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Friday, January 18, 2008

Book Review: My Secret: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren

This was on my library list and I randomly picked it for auto-delivery to my local library.

What I found was a little bit of surprise: A picture book. And not just any picture book, but a book full of postcards. Not just any postcards but a compilation of postcards that have been sent to Frank Warren in Germantown, Maryland -- home of PostSecret.

And it's what the two words mean -- an outlet for persons to post their secret and remain anonymous. I vaguely remember hearing about this several years ago but never paid much more attention to it.

It started out as a community art project for Frank and then became what it is today. You can see postcards everyday on its blog, The postcards reveal secrets from the ordinary, "I used to think the Sistine Chapel was called the 16th Chapel!", to innocuous, "I told my family, the school nurse and my optometrist that I couldn't see the last rows Just so that I would get glasses like my friends", to sorrow, "I've been reaching out for help for over a year. But no one pays enough attention to even notice. What's the next step?"

It's not just the words, although I think it's primarily about the words. But the postcards are related to the author's thoughts. For instance, the "I told my I could get glasses.." is on a card where the letters are aligned as an eye chart. The '16th chapel' has pictures of the sistine chapel 16 times. Very, very interesting which will probably have me reading more of the books about the stories behind PostSecret.

It's a great concept and I wondered what secret I had to share. I haven't figured one out yet...I'm pretty revealing about myself but I'm sure I've got a secret somewhere in me that I've hidden.

Oh, but two things I read that I related to. The first was Frank Warren's dedication of this book:

The first:
This book is dedicated to my daughter, and every other young person making that journey from the home they were born into toward the home they will create for themselves.

The second I would borrow for myself. I would put a picture of "the" douche bag -- and dedicate it to all the assholes out there who think they are better than your everyday joe -- and it would say "I am avoiding you because you are socially below me".

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