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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Book Review: The Keep by Jennifer Egan

I am not really sure how to explain how I felt about this book. I didn't hate it but I truly felt like, towards the end of this novel, that it was going downhill. I even explained to friends of mine that it would be a true miracle for this book to end on a positive note for me.

Well, lo and behold, the book surprised me by not ending on a shitty note. It ended, but it ended with me trying to figure out what happened...backtracking through the story line to figure out what happened. To explain it too much would give the book away, and well, I just can't allow myself to do that!

So the story revolves around "Danny", who joins a cousin, somewhere in Europe, to help him transform a castle into a hotel. It's not going to be just any hotel, but a hotel where people leave their electronics behind and be, whatever. Kind of like fantasy island without literal fantasies coming true...

But there is another story mixed into this novel, that takes place in prison. And that story is just as intriguing as the castle story and for most of the novel, there is little connection. Well, an implied connection is there, which is what made me think the story was going to end shitty.

But surprise! A whole other story enters the picture the last two chapters that brought me to my feet. And that part was pretty good and then when it ends, it left me puzzled as to how to fit everything together. It fits, but just not perfectly.

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