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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The World According To Me...

In other words, the best of 2007 according to me and what I want to claim as the best (categorically).

I love best of...lists and I love stating my opinion. So here's my list of The Best of 2007. No top ten the end, there can be only one...

Best Book: If You Want Me To Stay: A Novel by Michael Parker
My return to voracious reading was met with average reads. I was entertained often, disappointed rarely. I was fortunate to have a few good reads at the end of the year but this one stayed with me. A very haunting story, with characters that stuck with me -- even to this day. Michael Parker, I am reading more of your books in 2008 and I am looking forward to immersing myself into your prosodic world.

Best Album: Someday Soon by the Wells Family
This is a category that will soon be outdated as I rarely buy albums anymore. But that hasn't happened yet and this one, I suggest to everyone, you must buy in its entirety. And so far, you cannot get it off iTunes. This one blew me away. The harmonies are outrageous because they are so beautiful. The lyrics are fun and hill-billyish. But after listening to this, listening to my 'usuals' paled beyond belief. My favorite bands don't have a clue what music is compared to The Wells Family.

I'm keeping with the North Carolina connection too: The Wells Family are straight out of Clayton; Michael Parker (see Best Book above) is a Clinton native who teaches at UNCG.

Best Restaurant: Bar none - Hayes Barton Cafe. I have been fortunate to have many great places to eat at in Raleigh and, thankfully, my favorites are local. You'll have to review several posts to see my assertions and intimations to this place. I love it. My husband loves it. My kids know we love it and yet, will not experience it because they are way to young with insensitive taste buds to realize the amazing quality of their food. I have been fortunate to eat at this place so many times this year and every single time I go, I have had the utmost quality in service, the best food EVERY TIME, and I truly believe that these people work and serve from passion for this place. Or they're shooting crack into their food.

Favorite Movie Watched: This category is for any movie, regardless of when it was released. This year it would be The Whale Rider. Wow. I knew that this movie had rave reviews several years ago. I even had it from Netflix and held it for weeks and never watched it. But, while vacationing in Hilton Head this year, the villa had this available and we watched it. I was blown away. Wonderful story about New Zealand natives and amazing visuals. I cried and I loved it. This is what film-making should be about.

Favorite Movie Released this Year: That would definitely be ZOO. Well, as the media and the movie title claims, 300. Seriously, doesn't the title look like ZOO? The "3" looks like a cursive "Z" and for whatever reason, my brain cannot accept that it's 300 so I usually say out loud, "ZOO" and get some really confused looks. Whatever. I know what the hell I'm talking about and what I'm talking about is how freaking cool this movie was to watch. Yes, the dudes were hot too look at. And don't try to explain that it was the make-up. So what? You dudes love to stare at fake tits. But the movie was amazing to watch - the cinematography was stunning and the underdog story line, who would not root for 300 men to defeat an entire army like that?

This is what I can think of so far. If you have any picks, I'd like to hear them. If you can think of other categories, I'll take them and give my input on if you care, but hey, it'll be fun!

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