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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Wait

Since I have been to many doctor offices in the past several months, I've started analyzing the publications available in waiting rooms. For the most part, they suck! Golf Digest, Parent, Child, Time, etc. This is not FUN reading material.

The worst would be the urologist I see - there are five magazines - the same issue - for Child and Highlights. I don't want to read either. Then there was another magazine I never heard of and two children's Bible stories hardback books. Even though I am not religious, I can blow off the religious paraphernalia so it doesn't really bother me to see it...but it does make me wonder about the office in a slightly suspicious way.

The best waiting areas for me would be my dentist and my stylist. My stylist's place probably wins the award for being the BEST place for reading material. Numerous issues of Star, US Weekly and People are readily available AND THEY ARE FROM THIS DECADE, in fact, from just yesterday and the weeks prior.

So this may not be your cup of tea, or IT IS and you are an 'in the closet' reader of the magazine.

I wouldn't necessarily say I _read_ the magazine. After all, it ain't Playboy so it doesn't have great articles... but I enjoy seeing pictures of the celebrities. And it's typically not a magazine I purchase (really) but it is intriguing to peruse. Most often, I get peeved at the amount of press given to these folks, especially the lame ones who I think don't deserve to be famous anymore (Lindsay Lohan, anyone?)...but that's just me.

My dentist explained to me, after telling her that I LOVED the stuff in the waiting room, that "they" (the medical professionals) are actually urged to have more sophisticated magazines, such as said Golf Digest, World News Report (whatever that's called), and similar boring (to me) material. But apparently, my dentist rebels against the 'norm and expected', which just makes me like her even more.

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