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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ultimate Fighting

I have recently acquired a sick attraction to the sport of Ultimate Fighting.

I credit it to one of my BFFs, who tuned me on to the Ultimate Fighter reality show that airs on Spike TV. I enthusiastically watched, what ends up to be, Season Six of the series.

Anyway, it is incredible that I would enjoy watching this stuff. I don't know if I enjoy it as much as it fascinates and horrifies me at the same time.

Ultimate Fighting, as most know, is a mix of wrestling and various martial arts. Opponents can "tap out", which literally means a series of taps to acknowledge defeat, or actually go into submission: passing out, or being knocked out, or having the ref stop the beating right before they get knocked out. It is a brutal sport, much like boxing.

And yet it fascinates me.

Maybe because the men are hot: shirtless, fit, cocky, tattooed, and not homophobic (they can't be holding and um, writhing around with each other the way they do). That could be one reason why it's so interesting to me...:-)

This past Saturday was a UF Championship bout with Matt Hughes, who was one of the Matt's on this season's Ultimate Fighter. The two Matts, Hughes and Matt Sera, were the coaches for two separate teams on the show. So seeing him in action (which I have seen in a rerun) was killer for me.

But it was a Pay-Per-View event and it was $40 bucks, which I wasn't _that_ interested in paying to watch. But while we were out and about at North Hills the other day, I noticed that The Fox and the Hound was going to broadcast the fight.

I was psyched! Then I saw what time it was starting...10 PM. What? I'm usually in my PJs at 10 PM! Do people really start their evenings that way? How do they stay awake? Can I bring my rugrats?

So, I dampered the notion of hanging out at a bar at 10PM watching a UFC fight. No matter - I'll get to see some reruns of it some day.

But a late Christmas gift is on its way to Tim (and me :-)). The Ultimate Fighter Season 1. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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