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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stop or We'll Shoot!

There was a statement in the earlier articles of the San Francisco zoo tiger attack that when police approached the tiger, who was standing over one of the victims, they ordered her to "Stop!"

Really? Is that one of the things they train one to do as police officer? Order animals to "Stop!"...?

And now there is speculation that the tiger was taunted.

You know, if any of these kids taunted the tiger, shame on them, but they are at a zoo and well, I guess it is _somewhat_ safe to assume if you plan to taunt an animal, the zoo would be the best place to do it. Why? Because you should be able to get away with it!

Well, of course, unless you are really that much of a moron and cross over the "safe zones", i.e. the fences, moats, walls, WHATEVER is supposed to keep the beasts on the other side and you safe. But we probably won't ever know...

Nonetheless, the tiger got loose and one lesson to be learned is that yelling "Stop" does not appear to work with tigers.

Which reminds me of Chris Rock's comedy routine regarding tigers. Specifically, about the attack on Roy of Siegfried & Roy. The media relays the message that the tiger went crazy and attacked Roy.

Chris' routine is that the 'tiger didn't go crazy...the tiger went tiger. You know when that tiger went crazy? When he was riding around on a little bike with a hitler helmet on!'

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