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Friday, December 21, 2007

My New Tattoo: Session 6

It has been three weeks since my last session. It felt a lot longer. My biweekly journeys to Durham were starting to feel foreign to me.

This session was a milestone. The head and neck of my dragon is now complete. It is gorgeous, to say the least. I will have pictures soon. It is too good not to show off.

This session was painful, although not as bad as the last few times. But it feels like my body is telling me 'hey, what the hell? i'm done with these needle sessions!". I was bleeding a lot this last session, as I apparently have the last two. Course, bleeding is part of the process, but it hasn't been as noticeable as before.

And to top it off, my skin looked red. So red that it appeared that my dragon had color in it. And for me, that's pretty bad as my skin is not overly sensitive to this stuff. At least in the previous five sessions, I have not shown such redness before. Kathryn mentioned there was a full moon coming so maybe it has something to do with that.

Will stopped in to check it out. Although I was 'fully' clothed, my pants were hanging way past the butt line. If I was on national TV, there would be blur where my ass line was. Whatever. I am getting accustomed to showing off the bod, although it would be nice to have a more kicking bod to show off. In due time...

I still have a ways to go. I have appointments through the end of January and only because her appointment book stops in January. I'll be back in February too. The next part will most likely be the tramp stamp area -- right above the butt line. This is already outlined but it has to be 'cleaned' up -- she fills in the outline, defining the lines more. I'm a bit wary because A) I have been very sensitive to the pain the last few sessions and 2) this is the section of my body that I had the most pain during and for several days after. I've been able to endure so far, but I wonder if I'll have a breaking point...?

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