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Thursday, December 27, 2007

An Ideaal Vacation

We have our Spring Break vacation booked. All we need to do now is wait...for Spring get here...

Where are we going, you wonder?


You heard it. Amsterdam.

Why Amsterdam?

It was sheer hokey luck. After our vacation in the mountains this past Thanksgiving, Tim decided to look for something cool for New Year's.

And cool he found.

It is a houseboat - the Ideaal - located in the Docklands of Amsterdam. I have never been to Europe (I am an island girl) so the vision of my first trip being Amsterdam ON A FREAKING HOUSE BOAT was too good to pass up.

Of course, it was not available for New Year's least not for 2008. So we checked our next availability and that ended up as CJ's Spring Break.

It was available, so we booked it and purchased tickets just a few weeks ago. We are stopping in London for about three days. I actually have an Aunt and cousins that have lived there almost their entire lives. We'll stop for a few days to stay with them. I haven't seen them in over 25 years. Wow.

I am psyched. CJ is already excited about seeing Anne Frank's house, although she is not too excited about the plane trip. She has recently acquired a weird 'freak out' about going anywhere. Too many recent disasters has freaked her out. She worries about tsunamis hitting us when we are at the beach, and now, who knows what could happen on the plane trip. I'm trying not to focus too much attention to it in hopes that she'll sense that it's not likely to happen. And yes, I know it _could_ happen but I'm not ready to explain statistics to her... Let's just go with the idea that we'll make it over there safely...and back home safely.

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