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Sunday, December 30, 2007

I ♡ (heart) Huckabee?

Of course not! How could I? I am a devout liberal.

But what made me go to his website was ammo. Ammo to prove to myself that I still cannot support the Republican party no matter what. They simply stand for basic issues that I cannot support:
- anti-abortion
- pro-Christian
- pro-war
- anti-homosexuality

I cannot support a party who cannot empathize outside of their surreal world.

I would like to think that I am "Politically non-denominational, but devout liberal" but I cannot put myself in the non-denominational when I am prejudiced against the Republicans. My stereotype? White, homophobic, 'men-are-leaders-and-women-will-never-be', rich (or at least, want to be), poor-is-a-choice, racist, pretend-to-be-Christian-but-accomplish-being-hypocrite, ignorant pigs, I mean, _men_. It is my opinion and very little has been accomplished to sway me otherwise.

I read a disturbing column in the latest issue of Independent Weekly (12-26-07 issue). Lisa Sorg reports that Huckabee has a connection to the International Association of Character Cities. Google them and go to their website. It reeks the cheese factor but I haven't discern too much from their website as I am getting from other sources. So, take this info for what it's worth and form your own biases. My own research had me review Huckabee's site (not with an open mind, mind you) and further in-grained my own biases against people like him.

So again, what I am about to write is MY OWN INTERPRETATION from many sources. YMMV.

First, Character Cities. From their website (IACC):
Who We Are and What We Do
The International Association of Character Cities (IACC) formed in 1998 with a twofold strategy: equipping families to build character and helping communities reinforce character among their citizens. IACC provides resources, training, contacts, and counsel to leaders who are committed to character development: in themselves, their families, and their communities. View the list of communities who have committed to developing character.

Character Cities were begat by Character First!, which was a program implemented by Tom Hill for Kimray, Inc. in Oklahoma. There are approximately 49 character qualities that employees were encouraged to follow. From the Character First! website, they look benign:
A visionary sees the big picture, is committed to growth, looks beyond problems to their root causes, and develops solutions for success.

An organizer visualizes final results and directs resources for the successful completion of goals.

A server sees and meets others' practical needs, frees them to accomplish their goals, and invests time and energy in their success.

A mediator is deeply loyal and compassionate, analyzing the benefits and problems of a given direction.

BUT these principles are based on what is the second thing that connects to Character Cities, and that is the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), formed by Bill Gothard.

Bill Gothard, 'at age 15, dedicated his life to help teenagers and their parents make wiser decisions following Christian principles'.

And from the IBLP website, this institute is dedicated to teaching, no wait, the word they use is training, people how to succeed by following God's principles found in Scripture.

And although the Character First! proclaims being a separate entity to IBLP, according to Sorg -- and other online articles -- Character Cities is merely a secular front for IBLP.

And so, Sorg's article brings the connection between Character Cities, Bill Gothard, and Huckabee, who has admitted to attending Bill Gothard's IBLP Basic Seminar. And again, through several sites articles, it appears that Huckabee is a follower of Gotthard.

Yikes. This scares me.

If you were like me and felt like we had some extreme religious fundamentalists come out and vote for dubya in the last election -- so that "we" could quash the same-sex marriage decisions happening across our nation -- then someone like Huckabee is just as bad, maybe even worse.

According to Sorg's article, one Character City visit she made had a Character City councilman state "There s no such thing as separation of church and state."

I went to Huckabee's campaign site. One of his issues is that his faith is his life and that he does not separate his faith from his personal and professional life.

Another statement is that faith gives strength when faced with injustice and motivates us to give our best for the "least of us". Exactly what does that mean? Who represents the "least of us"? You can go read it yourself on his website. He doesn't clarify. And although he states that he respects an 'honest atheist than a disingenuous believer', I am not convinced.

Other things he supports that I don't:

Strong anti-immigration views: opposes amnesty and sanctuaries and supports building the border wall, plus adding surveillance cameras around the wall. Eliminate the visa lottery system but will increase visas for highly-skilled and highly-educated applicants. How is that encouraging the american dream? Argue with me all you want, but I am opposed TO ALL OF THIS.

I don't think I have to even say what his stance is on abortion. Okay, I will say - he is pro-life in every sense of the word. He also opposes stem cell research.

And opposes same-sex marriage.

Believes in the war in Iraq and terror. No withdrawals anytime soon in our future, because that will signify defeat. I love this statement too:
Setting a timetable for withdrawal is a mistake. This country has never declared war until "a week from Wednesday," we have always declared war until victory.

Hmmm...when was our last victory in a war? Oh wait, I remember, back in 2003, when dubya was on the USS Abraham Lincoln. THE END OF THE IRAQI WAR.

And he supports NO gun control or accountability of any kind. Even assault weapons.

Everyone should own one of those. After all, it's not like they were created for killing people, hordes of 'em, during a war.

Seriously, why would anybody EXCEPT A TRAINED MILITARY MAN OR WOMAN, need an assault weapon?

So there you go. An anti-republican rant with propaganda by yours truly.

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