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Friday, December 28, 2007

Hope in Iowa

At least, that's what the articles I am reading are leading me to believe.

I believe in John Edwards. I care not a bit about his $400 haircut or his 10,000 square foot house. Those are not issues that I care about. It's _his_ hair and _his_ money.

What I care about is that he is dealing with people that I care about: the uninsured, the factory workers, BLUE COLLAR FOLKS who work harder than any of us white collar people. And yet, they make far less money, pay more for insurance, and according to some statistics, give more of their hard earned money back to charity than us office-meetings-meetings-meetings-keyboard-pushing folks -- who in my experience, feel like they are actually more worthy than the maid that cleans their house because they're too "busy" with their urban life to clean their own damn BIG ASS mansion.

Hey, I did that. Back in my youth. We had a house cleaner and it seemed, I had to pick up most of my shit before the cleaner came over. At some point, I became disgusted with my lack of responsibility for my own shit.

I am not criticizing EVERYONE that has help. We all need it. What I am criticizing is anyone who believes they are more worthy than the daycare teachers you drop your kids off to, the house cleaner and the lawn man. And the guy who does your dry cleaning and alterations, your nails, your hair, and the person who details your minivan or BMW. Your worldly goods make you the person you are, with the degree you barely earned because you spent most of your college days hungover and yet, earned a degree and NOW you believe that you've made it in life and the blue collar people just made some bad choices and are where they are and will remain that way, while you have succeeded.

If that is you, then YOU SUCK and you are LAME and LAZY and don't deserve any of your worldly goods because you don't appreciate the gift you have been given to be an asshole.

Do I digress? Not really, maybe slightly. This is what I think of dubya. A rich, silver spoon fed mouth, who cares nothing about our country or the young men and women who are dying for it. Most of them are dying because they DO BELIEVE in what they are doing...that's the sad part. I think they think their president cares.

And don't try to sway me because you will not. You will just make yourself more mad because I will retort and I will laugh at your stupidity for supporting such inaneness. I am most egotistically confident in my views.

So my vote and endorsement (see My Endorsement is for John Edwards.

While Oprah has tossed her hat in for Obama, Edwards has people like Doug Bishop pulling for him.

Who is Doug Bishop, you ask? He was a Maytag employee who was laid off in 2004 in Newton, Iowa. He is part of John Edwards campaign. This is who John Edwards is having relay his message - everyday Joe, or in this case, Doug.

Watch Doug Bishop.

So national attention is on Hilary and Obama. Fine. It's better than what we have on the conservative side. But neither one of them has spoke to me the way John Edwards has. But I am sticking to my guns and blowing off the statements that I am potentially wasting my fervor (and possible vote) on a man who has no chance. BAH HUMBUG.

At least I hope so. Here's watching Iowa closely and crossing my fingers and toes that the people who should be voting, will be out there voting for who they believe in, which I hope will be John Edwards.

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