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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Girls Night Out Part One

I never did (until now) write about my girls' night out party, that took place back in September.

A good friend of mine was getting married (she is now). And thus, a bachelorette party was assembled with a fine selection of attendees. :-)

I was REALLY excited about this as it has been a very looooooonnnnnnng time since I had an outing like this. We were to eat first, then be free to get merry.

Tim made sure that I was prepared. He gave me advice on not to drink too many shots and stuck a pair of condoms in my bag. When I protested the condoms (I won't need those!) he simply said "It's been awhile since you've been out..." as if I were 17 years old.

First stop: The Melting Pot. Tim and the girls dropped me off. And though it was supposed to be a SURPRISE, the bride-to-be (B2B) beat me there. BUT I wasn't the last one...I think.

We mingled with drinks for a good bit before we were seated. Then the cackling began! I know we were loud -- our gifts to B2B were, um, sex toys. And we enjoyed discussing the details of our toys. We compared notes: which rabbit did you have? What color was it? The pocket rocket was highly recommended with this type of lubricant. You know, the usual banter when us gals get together.

I believe the diners around us took notes. At least, no one came to complain to us or to tell us to keep our voices down. In fact, our waiters (male, thankyouverymuch), were just as loud and boisterous as we were.

We took our time with dinner. Kept the wine flowing. Next thing I know, I'm calling Tim at midnight to tell him that I'll probably have to take a taxi home because, well, we just got done eating!!! We haven't even made it to the second destination. He claims I said I'd be another hour, but either he was drunk or I was, because I knew I wasn't going to be another hour if we just got done with dinner...

Destination Two: Rum Runners. Ride courtesy of hot chick #3 (there were seven of us but lost one after dinner).

I had been to Rum Runners way back when it was located on Falls of Neuse. Now, it's a downtown bar destination. No food. Just booze and a couple of 'dueling' pianos.

And it seems that there is a following at this place as everyone (but me) knew the songs that were playing -- well, I knew the songs but there were subtle changes to the lyrics to bring the sex factor into them. Those were the words I hadn't been aware of but I let the crowd sing-a-long as I watched everyone, with a big grin on my face, just delighted to be out. It was as if I had been in prison and that day was my first day of freedom. I was just stupid happy.

So stupid happy I was that I was oblivious to my surroundings. Sure, I heard my fellow hot chicks mention "lesbians" but I saw some guys way in the back. Sure, there were a group of ladies sitting nearby but again, I did see a dude...where'd he go? And sure, one nice lady gave me her necklace and I thought Wow! People are having as much fun as I am! Such camaraderie! And really didn't give a thought to when Hot Chick #1 said "Now you can tell Tim you got leid by a girl!"

It's really all in retrospect...there really wasn't a lot of guys out at the bar that night. Hmmm...and then there was that trip to the bathroom with B2B...lots of crying and what! a dude in the ladies room???? Wait a minute...that's not a dude...

I did succumb to shots...but just two of them. For some reason, the State grads just had to have some kind of red wolfpack shot thingy. But B2B remembered her roots and bought a round of Pirate shots.

But overall, I took it pretty easy. The thing that screwed me up the most, other than being naive, was going to bed at 4AM. I don't think I ever did that, even in my youth. But I'm up there in my years...I can't remember that far back...

When Rum Runners yelled "Last Call", I was like, HUH? What is that? I mean, I've heard that on TV and the movies, but does that _really_ happen? And sure enough...we not only closed down The Melting Pot, but Rum Runners too! A freakin' bar!! I closed a FREAKIN' BAR! One of my proudest moments.

My other proud moment, not necessarily coming home with unused rubbers (did I mention it was unofficially Lesbian Night at Rum Runners?) but having my house filled with four hot husband...was just steps away from seeing these many babes in one place...HIS HOUSE...but instead, he lay up in his bed, snoring away.

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