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Thursday, December 13, 2007


I've been under a bit of stress lately. I just have too much on my plate and I have to find a way to organize myself better. Work, GOTR, meetings, appointments, hobbies, chores. Hey, I'm no different than anyone else out there. I'm just documenting it for your viewing pleasure.

But what has frustrated me more than anything else is this: coughing.

You heard me: coughing. It starts back to the hypertension diagnosis. I was prescribed high blood pressure medicine (HBM) which in turn, caused a tickle in my throat. "Tickle" is SO AN UNDERSTATEMENT. The tickle does not go away and intensifies to a cough. The cough gets worse...into a fit. And after an agonizing two or so minutes, it will subside slowly and then I'm clearing my throat, hoping to calm the sensation.

Initially, I thought I had allergies. But at my next follow-up with my family doc, he asked if I had developed a cough to which I quickly replied "no". ???? Why would I say that, I wondered? I then remembered, hey, I *am* coughing and told him I had. He recommended Claritin which subsequently, did not work.

The cough continues.

I stopped the HBM while we were in the mountains. I was going through other medication withdrawals (remember head spins and zaps?). But now, five weeks later, I am STILL coughing. It's making me sick! Literally, I am now sick, so I have no clue if this has anything to do with being sick or repercussions from the HBM, or both.

The tickle is there and the fits continue. My throat hurts and is raw and now, I sound like someone on the end of a 1-900 number.

The worst part is that the coughing fits happen mostly when I'm around someone. If I try to suppress it, I start feeling like I'm choking and my eyes now, it appears I am crying at whatever someone is saying. It's a no win for me.

And now, here I am,

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