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Monday, December 03, 2007

Five Star Songs

My songs of late have been a little on the soft side. It took awhile to get any song across these picky ears to get excited, but the last few weeks have give me a handful that I love. These will probably drop quicker than my bank account's balance, but nonetheless, for now, they make me HAPPY when I hear them:

Into the Ocean by Blue October - this band is an up-and-coming favorite, especially because they are sort of 'sick' and different and most especially, because they are fans of Zayra Alvarex (contestant on Rockstar Supernova who I fell in love with) and she sings backup on this song...

1234 by Feist - this band played live on the last new episode of Saturday Night Live, before the writer's strike. Again, they sounded amazing live and the song is just so perky and fun.

The Song of Shine and Shame by Nico Stai - okay, this is a funky, folksy one. I love it. It started out as a three star song and quickly ran to the top for me. Not my typical genre but I love this tune.

St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor by Ha Ha Tonka - another bluegrass song. Actually, I heard this one before I got turned on to The Wells Family. It's a great song, great lyrics, with a change from my typical likes.

Car Crash by Matt Nathanson - a top 100 song type know, Dave Matthews genre but oh how I love it. I play this one loud in the minivan.

Breath In Breath Out by Mat Kearney - I am 99% sure I heard Mat Kearney sing this one live on G105 (I'm not ashamed to admit I like Bob and the Showgram) and he blew me away. I had a Mat Kearney song that I liked but just grew a tad weary of it (Undeniable), but I loved the words and its beat. I found this on iTunes and played a sample and just melted. This is wonderful and I hope I don't grow tired of it soon.

I'm on an 'easy-listening' phase right now. But no worries: I have Sevendust on my XM radio...saved and ready for me to savor.

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