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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Five Star Songs Times Two

I failed to add two songs to my Five Star Songs and rather than update that post, I'll just add the two here.

The Reason by The Wells Family. You must MUST listen to this version. It gives me chills because they sing it so beautifully, as well as play it so passionately. This song was meant for them to play. Here is a link to a sample on their website:

Life is Beautiful by Sixx:A.M. This is a great song by Nikki Sixx, the lust of my life. He's always been great at writing songs but this time, he has a new sound with his new band. James Michael has the perfect voice for this song. The song is based on the soundtrack for Sixx's book, which I plan to read very soon, titled The Heroin Diaries.

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