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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day Run

I took an easy run around Lake Lynn today but what made these more special, than it being Christmas Day, was that I took my fat dog Brenna along.

Brenna is a lazy, lazy dog. We adopted her at 6 months old and she has changed very little, other than getting bigger and fatter. And all she eats is dog food!

But her favorite past time is to lay down and sleep. Of course, she wants to lay down with us and is most happy when she sees us getting ready for bed, or possibly, lying down for a nap. You can see in her face "oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!" and then she finds a spot to settle in and lies down and then provides a big, soundly, sigh...a sigh of extreme contentment. It is quite amusing.

I decided to take her with me since I was going for a couple of miles and at a slow pace. She was excited and seemed to know _something_ was up other than the bathroom breaks we take her out for.

Once I started running, she sped walked next to me. And actually, it didn't even looking like SPEED, just a little more of a slightly fast walk. I hate to use the word FAST because she didn't look like she was moving quickly at all -- not that I was BUT I WAS RUNNING.

She did awesome and hung in there for two miles. She actually did get much slower towards the end and it looked more like me pulling her (there was no pulling though). She had her big ole tongue hanging out with the impression that she was done with this run.

So I decided I would walk the rest of the way home (I was shooting for two, so I was getting two in) and then suddenly, she kicked it in gear and WANTED TO RACE ME! She was humping it up a small slopey hill and I booked too. It was as if she knew we were on our way home and she was going to do whatever she could to make that happened FAST.

I hope to keep up a similar routine -- she seemed to enjoy it, even if she didn't feel like walking next to me. Plus, she doesn't seem so lazy after running...I mean, the sleeping is more deserved than usual.

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