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Friday, November 30, 2007

My New Tattoo: Session 5

Today Kathryn worked on the neck of the dragon. This consisted of work on a small portion of my ribs and most of my side.

Today was another day of pain.

Yes, it's a tattoo and it's painful, but I felt like it really really hurt today. Not as much as the last session (see Session 4 notes), but definitely no room for any pleasure of any kind whatsoever.

I endured but I did more wincing. I will probably look like a 50 year old when this is done, the creation of wrinkles I put on my face from all my grimacing.

Today Kathryn shaded the scales of the neck of the dragon. This is like having a pencil, crayon, marker, and filling in blobs of circles. So, imagine taking the pencil and swirling it around on paper -- a small little blob that you fill in. This is what Kathryn did WITH A NEEDLE. And it burns. And it hurts. Like having a scab on your leg, then taking a needle and scribbling on the scab.

Why do I endure this? The pain is nothing compared to the pleasure of looking at this magnificent, unique, piece of art on ME. You know, if you don't like tattoos or don't get it, I can't convince you of how amazingly cool and amazing it is to see this on your body.

And I'm getting more than I even imagined. I knew I wanted a dragon but to see Kathryn's version of it on

The ironic thing is that people in the shop stop in and tell ME how beautiful it is. Like - hey, you have a beautiful tattoo. But the artist is right there drawing the amazing piece of work on me. *I'm* not the one that is supposed to say "Thank you for telling me my tattoo is amazing" should be "Tell Kathryn what a wonderful artist she is".

And she is. She is fitting this dragon on MY form. If she even could replicate this on another person, it would still be different because she would fit this on their form. She is truly an artist of the finest form. I am privileged to have her use me as a canvas.

Now, I enjoy two weeks of recovery and then the vicious cycle starts all over again.

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