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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hilltop Hideaway: Day Three

Today was a bit quiet on the frontier. Although, I think we all are getting a little cabin stir crazy.

It was cloudy...but in these here mountains, that means *we* are in the clouds.

And then there was rain. Like for 2 minutes - a total downpour - and then it stops. Or you can see it rain right next to where it's not raining. Pretty darn cool.

It was hard not having to go here and then get this and figure out what to do next. Just sitting and not having anywhere to go or anything to do, well, that *is* a vacation. Although, I must say, I did do some net stuff, but stuff I don't normally get to do...

Aunt Judy made a nice batch of chili that just created the most amazing aroma in this nice little cabin. A roasting fire, clouds surrounding us like "The Fog", and a big bowl of hot chili. Yummy.

Then we broke out the Wii and enjoyed watching everyone go crazy with it. It's been awhile since I've laughed so hard -- just tears running from my eyes...

And that's about it for today. Not much to write home about, but to have this many people together in one cabin...and not just people, but family? We're not the Cleavers, so it's pretty darn amazing that we are all enjoying ourselves...

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