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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hilltop Hideaway: Day Six

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have had a great one here in these mountaintops. I didn't have to pick up a finger to do a thing -- Tim, Grandma, and Aunt Judy did all the cooking.

And boy, what great cooking they did. We started off with sausage gravy and biscuits.

Oh wait. I did pick up a finger to cook eggs for me, Judy and the girls. But that was nothing compared to the gravy we had. One of our favorites at home.

Anyway, the best part of the day...okay, the second best part of the day, because I have to say that the best part was sitting down to the Turkey Feast, but the SECOND BEST PART of the day was when our new dog friend paid us a visit.

I greeted Scooter (finally looked at his dog tag) with open paws. What a beautiful pup he is. That would be him in the picture on this post. And boy, that dog shore is sweeeet.

First thing he did was jump up on me and showed me that he trudged up the muddy mountainside to get to us.

I just KNEW Sccoter would come back. I'm sure I posted that the day I met Scooter, right? And he did. And he was so happy to see Toby and Brenna. They have been playing the entire day. Toby is worn-the-fudge out -- tongue just hanging out -- but he's having a blast.

And then there's one dog out there barking. I just knew it had to be Scooter but when I came out to see, it was my dog Brenna! You, the reader can't comprehend what a surprise that is because you're not around Brenna, but Brenna is not a barker. She's not deaf either, because she responds to us when we call her, or come home, or make any other kind of noise. She just does not bark. But around her new BF Scooter, she's a barking bitch.

So they played forever and when we finally let them in, Brenna stank like the stankiest dog ever to show up on earth. Which meant: I had to give her a bath.

I had my Sunday best on (for Thanksgiving dinner) so I decided my best bet was to strip the top half off and bathe her that way.

Brenna is not a small dog but fortunately, I've got some strength (hahaha) terms of being more beta to her gamma. No matter how hard I try to be the alpha dog, Tim seems to take that role when it comes to our dogs.

Anyhoo, I was able to get her rinsed...and the odor was horrendous. I have no idea what the heck she rolled in -- and I don't really want to know -- but god almighty it is nasty.

So I got the Suave Kid's Shampoo on her. And I could see her twist a little bit. You know, the precursor to the big shake? This was a great sign to grab the shower curtain and cover myself with it before the big shake happened, ala "300" style. I was successful 2 of the 7 times she did the big shake.

Whatever. So I'm going to smell like a wet dog. At least I'll have a cleaner dog who can stay indoors with us tonight. And she'll need to tonight, because it's going to snow. Well, a 20% chance of snow...

So I thought I had a good plan: strip the top half of clothing items off, cover myself with the shower curtain like it was a gladiator shield, and then just hurry the f**k up and get this dog rinsed and cleaned. Well, my shoes aren't waterproof and the tile in the bathroom gets slippery when wet so TWICE I almost fell into the tub of shitty water trying to get the damn dog cleaned. Which meant I strained my back, because if you've never bathed a dog in the bathtub, then you don't realize how hard it is on ye old back.

But I got it done and now she's as clean as a dirty whistle. And I had to get out of my Sunday best into post-turkey feast clothing. I guess it made for a good excuse to get into my comfy clothes.

But Scooter? Well, she's still right outside. She looks right inside at us, wagging her tail happily...waiting for anyone to come out and join her.

She played with CJ earlier. Mi-Mi came running into the house screaming for me. She said "Mommy! Come outside!! Scooter knows how to play fetch!" And sure enough, CJ would throw a stick and Scooter would retrieve it, then drop it right back in front of CJ. CJ would repeat this scenario over and over and over. I think at least 30 minutes.

Well, Scooter is right outside the window now, looking in, with that very stick sitting right between her legs.

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