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Friday, November 23, 2007

Hilltop Hideaway: Day Seven

I'll have to start with the end of Day Six. Last night we got snow! Yes indeed. Not flurries, but just a ton of snow blowing sideways and sticking to the deck. We were just so excited to finally see snow while we were here. The cherry on the top of a great ice cream sundae.

I also got a hold of Scooter's dad. I saw Scooter laying atop some wet towels (from Brenna's bath) right outside the door that none of us could stand it. We got a hold of the excited pup and got the number and I called. A fine gentleman who knew exactly where we were (at the top of Yellow Daisy Lane) and drove _his_ diesel truck up this way to get Scooter. Scooter knew who he was right away and jumped right into the back of the truck.

Today we hit Black Friday, unintentionally.

Uncle Phillip left for his plane trip back to Dallas and the rest of us hit downtown Boone again. Of all places, the Western Wear Store got me hooked so everyone abandoned us, except for me, the girls and Tim, our mountain driver.

Great, great store. Too full of merchandise. I'd take one thing out of a rack and there would be no way to put it back. I found about ten coats I could have walked away with happily *if* someone had said "Pick any ten coats and they're on me". I did walk away with one and that'll keep me happy for many years.

We then hit Old Navy, our one Black Friday store. I picked up a few things there and CJ decked herself out with some hip stuff. I picked up a nice pink coat for Brenna too.

It's been a blast. I have fallen for Boone, Valle Cruces, Banner Elk and Scooter. This has been one of the best vacations I've had ever. And to add family members into that, well you know, best vacation /= family. And I have had a blast with family.

I'll miss this place but I'm grateful to have been here and done that. Tomorrow, though, is our journey back into the high, fast, busy life we live everyday. I guess I'll just have to strive to make my high, fast, busy life less so and make more of my time feel like a vacation.

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