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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hilltop Hideaway: Day Four

The day started with a beautiful cloudy scene across the mountains. The clouds envelope the mountains and makes it look like we're overlooking water.

It was grandma's birthday so what did she do for her birthday? She made breakfast. And boy, it was yummy. And the aroma of breakfast emanated throughout the cabin. It was wonderful.

Chocolate and biscuits was the specialty. Course, I never heard of this until I married Tim, but it is a common breakfast theme in my family now, so to have the homemade version was nice.

Then we ventured into the city of Boone. Or is it a town? Whatever it is, it is nice. I love Boone. We passed through Appalachian State and I can now see why students are attracted to this college and its town.

I had a blast shopping through Boone's downtown shops. I picked up a couple of hats - one stylish, the other, made for Boone-ites. I picked up some great outfits and best of all, a couple of bumper stickers:

The only Bush I trust is my own.


The truly educated NEVER GRADUATE.

After my shopping adventure, we hit a gem mine where CJ picked up a lot of colorful rocks.

The evening ended with another bonfire outside and me and Uncle Phillip had a nice time chatting away, just the two of us.

I tend to be more of a loner around family, so this is a bit unusual for me.

Time seems to move slow out here. And I like that. We're all just shocked, looking at the time, thinking it must be midnight and it ends up being 6:45.

Ahhhh...the mountain life...

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