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Monday, November 19, 2007

Goose Me

Being in this little cabin in the sky is too cool. Literally.

There is not central heating (or AC, which means nothing to me right now) in this hacienda. There is one big beautiful fireplace and a propane wall heater to keep the main part of the cabin heated. There is nothing up in the loft and it is very warm up there (remember what rises, from science class?). There is a stand alone radiator in the bedroom and fortunately, a wall heater in the bathroom. But that's it and although this place isn't huge, it's still not a lot of heat compared to what technology in the 21st century has for heating households.

BUT, unbelievabley for a very cold-proned person like me, I haven't been complaining.

First, the weather has been really wonderful. It's been around the 50s in the day and then at night, it does dip down to the 30s.

But I would never know it.

On our most comfortable mountain bed has a nice goose down comforter. Hey, I have one of these at home too...but it sure doesn't feel like this one.

This one just sets on you. And it's heavy so it sets on you and doesn't move. It's like a big hug. And thus, total warmth because essentially, I am being held all night by this wonderful blanket.

I've gotta take a loan out and get me one of these things when I get back to Raleigh...

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