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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Coach Bubba

I registered for Coach Bubba's 20km today.

I ran this race this past February. It was tough -- and at one point I thought I was going to pass out or hurl -- but I had determination to do it.

It was my first race of the year. But more importantly for me, it was my first race since August 12th, 2006, when I came down with my mysterious illness which kept me inactive and ill 24/7 for months.

So there's a sentimental attachment to this race for me (btw, I made the goal time I set for myself at Coach Bubba's).

So I'll run it again next year but this time, my goal will be to run and train a little easier. I am not going to attempt to beat my time from last year. In fact, once I sit down to figure out the numbers (and I've started because I have my training plan laid out), I'll pick out a goal time to finish and it will be very, very non-competitive.

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