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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Book Review: If You Want Me to Stay: A Novel by Michael Parker

Wow. This book was powerfully heartbreaking. It was difficult to read for two reasons: one, the writing style was narrative. Not unusual, but the narrator was a 14 year old boy who spoke in long, rambling, without punctuation, sentences. Once I got into the rhythm of the narration, I could adjust, well, to a degree. There were many times I had to re-read the sentence to be sure I understood what he was saying.

But I admired such writing. How difficult it must have been to write this but so freaking creative. I enjoyed the writing style immensely.

I enjoyed the characters. Well, there are some unsurly ones here but I won't reveal who they are. This is a must read, although, if you can read without your soul breaking apart, then, I don't know, something's wrong with your soul.

Which leads me to the second reason why it was so difficult to read. It is a sad story. Gripping, to a degree, but ultimately, it just pulled my heart strings and I ached for the characters. I didn't cry, so to describe the sadness is hard. It's not a big that makes you boo-hoo, but a story that just leaves you with lingering sadness for these people.

Extremely well written. I don't read the classics, at least not since I was forced to in high school. But this would rank up there.

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